Graph showing rapid and sustained plasma levels

*After both initiation doses.

INVEGA SUSTENNA® initiation regimen allowed patients to stay in this exposure window of 6 mg to 12 mg extended-release oral paliperidone.

Initiation doses must be administered in the deltoid muscle.

§First maintenance dose should be administered on day 36 and once monthly thereafter.

Figure adapted with permission from Samtani NH et al. CNS Drugs. 2011;25(10):829-845.

No oral supplementation required during initiation, including day 11

  • Due to the difference in median pharmacokinetic profiles between the 2 products, INVEGA SUSTENNA® and INVEGA® (paliperidone) oral, caution should be exercised when making a direct comparison of their pharmacokinetic properties1

Transition to outpatient care1

For patients initiated with 2 starting doses in the hospital, plasma levels are sustained up to a full month to help support the transition to outpatient care1

  • 2 initiation doses can be given in 7 days (± 4 days) 
  • Rapid onset of plasma levels
  • Sustained plasma levels last up to 1 month

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