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How to Administer INVEGA SUSTENNA® | HCP

How to Administer INVEGA SUSTENNA®

Important information1

  • Each injection must be administered only by a healthcare professional
  • Parenteral drug products should be inspected visually for foreign matter and discoloration prior to administration, whenever product and container permit
  • INVEGA SUSTENNA® is intended for intramuscular use only
  • Do not administer by any other route
  • Avoid inadvertent injection into a blood vessel
  • Administer the dose in a single injection; do not administer the dose in divided injections
  • Inject slowly, deep into the deltoid or gluteal muscle

Step 1

Shake the syringe vigorously for at least 10 seconds to ensure a homogeneous suspension.1

Step 2

Select the appropriate needle.1


Step 3

While holding the syringe upright, remove the rubber tip cap with an easy clockwise twisting motion.1


Step 4

Peel the safety needle pouch halfway open. Grasp the needle sheath using the plastic peel pouch. Attach the safety needle to the luer connection of the syringe with an easy clockwise twisting motion.1


Step 5

Pull the needle sheath away from the needle with a straight pull. Do not twist the sheath as the needle may be loosened from the syringe.1


Step 6

Bring the syringe with the attached needle in upright position to de-aerate. De-aerate the syringe by moving the plunger rod carefully forward.1


Step 7

Inject the entire contents intramuscularly slowly, deep into the selected deltoid or gluteal muscle of the patient. Do not administer by any other route.1

step one
step two
step three

Step 8

After the injection is complete, use either thumb or finger of one hand (A, B) or a flat surface (C) to activate the needle protection system. The needle protection system is fully activated when a “click” is heard. Discard the syringe with needle appropriately.1

Reference: 1. INVEGA SUSTENNA® [Prescribing Information]. Titusville, NJ: Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; July 2022.