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INVEGA SUSTENNA® Dosing: Schizoaffective | HCP

INVEGA SUSTENNA® Can Be Fully Initiated in 7 Days With 2 Initiation Doses1

No oral supplementation needed1

  • For patients who have not taken oral paliperidone, oral risperidone, or injectable risperidone, establish tolerability first1
  • Each injection must be administered only by a healthcare professional1
  • Both initiation doses must be given in the deltoid muscle1
    • To avoid a missed dose, patients may be given the second initiation dose within a ±4-day flexible window1
  • First monthly maintenance dose should be administered 5 weeks after the first injection (regardless of the timing of the second injection)1
    • To avoid a missed dose, monthly maintenance doses may be given within a ±7-day flexible window
    • Utilizing the maintenance dosing window to help avoid missed doses should be considered the exception rather than the rule

INVEGA SUSTENNA® Provides Flexible, Once-Monthly Dosing After Initial Starting Doses1

To help your patient avoid a missed dose, the second initiation dose may be given within a ±4-day flexible window1

monthly maintenance doses
initiation doses

*Adjust maintenance dose based on tolerability and/or efficacy using available strengths. For the 164 subjects who were randomized to INVEGA SUSTENNA®, the dose distribution was 78-mg (4.9%), 117-mg (9.8%), 156-mg (47.0%), and 234-mg (38.4%).

The 39-mg strength was not studied in the long-term schizoaffective disorder trial.1


Select appropriate needle size depending on patient’s weight and injection location. Shake the prefilled syringe for at least 10 seconds before adminstering.1

Reference: 1. INVEGA SUSTENNA® [prescribing information]. Titusville, NJ: Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc.; January 2019.