INVEGA SUSTENNA® is approved for the treatment of schizoaffective disorder

Real Experiences From INVEGA SUSTENNA® Patients

Watch David’s treatment journey

“Once I started getting the injections, I really started to notice a positive change.” —David
  • Even after being hospitalized, he wasn’t ready to accept taking medication
  • Thought taking pills made him feel less “normal”
  • Consistently receiving INVEGA SUSTENNA® and working closely with his treatment team
  • Lives by himself and enjoys hanging out with friends, but wants to pursue a paying job

Hear about Nancy’s journey on INVEGA SUSTENNA®

“I’m learning how to deal with it. I don’t think of myself as a girl with schizophrenia, I think of myself as Nancy.” —Nancy
  • Had trouble remembering to take pills daily
  • After a nurse recommended INVEGA SUSTENNA®, Nancy talked to her doctor to see if it was right for her
  • Symptoms are controlled and is engaged with her treatment plan
  • Does volunteer work in a pet-grooming shop and is starting to pursue a goal of being a peer counselor

Patients have been compensated for their time.

You can also direct your patients to the consumer site for more information:

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